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「疚 yama」: My name is John, and I am an 18 year old male. I'm a huge fan of V系; my favorite band is Dali, and my favorite record label is UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. I run various sites for both, of which I'm extremely proud. I enjoy webdesign and own a domain through which I express that enjoyment. I enjoy meeting new people, and am always willing to gain a new friend (so feel free to add me!).

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「世捨て人 inartistic」: With the exception of older posts, I leave this journal open to anyone who wishes to read it. I do ask for an add, though, from anyone who plans to read it regularly. I'm not great at always commenting, but I do read every post made on my friends page. This is the fourth layout, and it took about a day to complete. The only resources used were a self-made pattern and a self-scanned image of 旬奈 (Shunna, drummer of Dali).

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Maintenance today, some expected downtime [Feb 25th]
Originally posted by livejournal in lj_maintenance. Reposted by inartistic at 2014-02-25 00:39:00.

We are planning to do some database maintenance today, and LiveJournal could be down for a half of an hour during this period. The maintenance is scheduled to begin at 16:00 PDT (click to see other timezones) and is expected to last approximately two hours.

You can keep an eye on the LiveJournal Status Page to see when we're back. We will also provide there any additional updates if we go beyond our planned maintenance window.

sincerely yours, 155° degree shadow

148: Developer's Diary 23 [Dec 8th]
[ mood | bleh ]

Back in July I started a post series detailing my work in trying to develop a large scale UNDER CODE fansite. The posts were purely for myself, and so I kept them private. I think I'll pick up the series again, but this time I'll keep the posts public—not because they're interesting, but because I'm no longer afraid to publicize my failure.

September 23rd... Clearly I stopped updating this diary, but I didn't stop my work!! I put up an α version of the site, then did a soft re-launch as weloveucp.com (although I still like my original idea of underco.de [and in fact I bought that one as well]). And now I'm working on the β version!


The nature of my work has changed, since I sort of haphazardly decided to upload the site and publicize it. It was certainly a mess when I made its existence known, but I cleaned it up over several rapid iterations so that the very basic functions worked (“worked”) well enough for temporary public use.

However, because of this brash decision to speed up development time (and pressure), my work necessarily moved away from a planned, one-size-fits-all approach toward a fit-the-moment approach. And in some ways, it's an improvement; in hindsight I realize that, although centralization is good (and in some very future version of the site I will probably try to recapture it), absolute centralization is impossible and, furthermore, probably does a disservice to the project.

So now I move forward no longer relying on form.php for every little thing and coding new SQL queries when I need to, and so on. However, I am still using the same page framework that I came up with very early on: index of the main directory points toward index.php of the php directory, which itself houses the layout template and points toward the index of whatever folder is currently being called by the URL query. This is coupled with a chdir(). This makes calling files from various folders exceedingly easy, and I've had no trouble with it yet.

On the subject of departures, just within the past week or so I've been focusing on redoing the layout. On one hand, I'd planned to do so since I launched the α, since it was coded quickly for only a handful of browsers. On the other hand, I was also becoming frustrated with the inflexibility of it all—I would forever be stuck with two columns, whether that was best for the particular page or not.

So I first set out to make a grid—my first—which is something that I've sort of resisted in all my years of webdesign. I never really understood the purpose of a grid; it seemed that people used them to make sure the visual edges in a page lined up, but I already have an acute awareness of concept and so didn't see any purpose in using a grid. As it turns out, the grid is the solution to the rigid column structure that was bothering me.

My grid is based on a 1000px layout, but is fluid if that main value is changed. Its general structure is a row-specifying div and a column-specifying div within that. The column specifier sets the number of columns (or, in cases of unequal width, specifies which number of columns the widths are to be based on and then, essentially, the colspan of those columns, ex. c3-AAB to indicate two columns, the first of which is 2/3rds width). Finally, styles will be applied to the immediate children of that div, whatever they may be.

Creating and using a grid is a departure for me in many ways. First, as I said, I never saw any use for a “grid” before now, so just exploring that avenue was something new. And second, more importantly, the grid requires the use of many extra divs with many classes, which is 100% against the philosophy I've always taken when coding. It's long been my personal aim to use as few empty or otherwise redundant divs as possible, to use descriptive elements (article) wherever possible, and furthermore to do so without the use of classes or ids. Although I still admire that philosophy, it ultimately seems to create more problems than solutions with a website so large. So, for now at least, I suppose I'm getting myself reacquainted with the million-class waters.

So I think that's all of the big stuff. Now to quickly go over something specific:


Tonight I worked on adding a tweet button to the entries. I used the default button code from twitter and first struggled with getting that to work—in the end, it seems that, for the twitter button code, I should leave the & as & (rather than writing out & as I would normally do in links).

From there, I wanted to style the button so that it wouldn't clash so much with the layout—easier said than done. Eventually I settled on creating a button of my own; I knew I could structure the tweet link myself, so the only issue was getting the number of previous tweets to display (not essential, but I really wanted it). It turns out there's a really easy method to do so (even though twitter docs say it's impossible) using json to get a file. Turns out... my shared server doesn't allow file gets. So that was a dead end.

What I ended up doing was placing the twitter button iframe (which is automatically added by their script, or else I wouldn't use it) within a span. That span is styled so that only the speech bubble with the tweet count is shown; that span is then placed beside the homemade tweet link, all of which is within another span that takes on the styling of the entry footer links. At the end of the day, it's not exactly what I wanted, but I'm pretty proud that I stuck with it and worked something out. And hey—it almost looks better with the default speech bubble!


Well I think that's all. I just wanted to record a bit of that struggle I had today... and I'd like to start up this series again, just for my own sake of looking back at it later. I'm proud of myself for not giving up on this giant project (even though the full featured site has been placed on the backburner in favor of building a good blog...).

sincerely yours, 3° degree shadow

147: Developer's Diary 22 [Sep 23rd]
[ mood | okay ]

I'm increasingly forgetting how to traverse my code and what everything does... Meanwhile my plans are becoming more and more grand.

At any rate, worked very briefly yesterday on proof-of-concept personal profile page.

Today I've added a delete function to the “edit releases” page. Solved an issue with the “delete” button popping up when it wasn't supposed to, and then solved an issue with insertion of new records displaying an error (it was because of the scans button—a bad placement of code that I'd done with the cover part as well, but had forgotten to fix for scans accordingly).

sincerely yours, 0° degree shadow

143: Animals [Aug 30th]
[ mood | bloop ]

Well damn!:

A bull selected and trained at great expense was tethered to the baiting ring (...) sometimes his own horns were cut off and the great horns of an ox were fastened to his head. The object of the game was for the dog to catch the bull by the nose and if possible make him roar.

Over the seven hundred years that it flourished in England, animal baiting and fighting underwent many refinements. Bear-baiting made for a diverting change—but a costly one owing to the scarcity of bears and the greater likelihood that the dogs would be killed. Other variations involved lions, monkeys, and horses. Some sports allowed the human audience to take part in tormenting the animals. In one variation a blinded bear was secured by a chain and whipped by a circle of five or six men. In another, a chicken was buried in the ground with only the head protruding, and human contestants attempted to knock the bird's head off with a well-aimed blow from a stick. As a French visitor commented in the lates 1600s, ‘Our neighbours the English like blood in their games.’


P.S., I find myself checking my friends page less since that big outage. LJ, why can't you get your act together ;_;?

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122: LOL [May 3rd]
[ mood | amused ]

Uh, is it just me, or did this person blatantly steal my dali layout?


sincerely yours, 7° degree shadow

121: Package Day [May 2nd]
[ mood | content ]

Package Day, yeah!

First, I bought a set of Arc live-distributed DVDs (from their month-long “hijacking” of HOLIDAY OSAKA back in February). Each DVD contains footage of the guys just... doing stuff. It's just stupid fun, but it's really entertaining (even for someone who doesn't know Japanese).

I always purchase Arc live-distributed stuff when I see it up at auction, even though they're not one of my “main bands.” I guess I just know that they are under-appreciated and that rips of these things will never show up on the internet. So yeah, even though these DVDs aren't very important because they don't contain unseen PVs or anything like that, I'm glad I bought them. (Weirdly, no one ever seems to sell Arc's live-distributed CDs... I would really love to get my hands on those, since many do have unreleased songs.)

Also in the picture is an old Megaromania distributed DVD, which was recorded at their last live with Leda, and then mailed out to attendees a few months later. It's got footage from the whole live, but digest clips instead of full songs. Of course I wish it had full songs, but I'm still happy to see this DVD after so long.


Next up, a little brodiaea set. It has their live-distributed [sample?] CD, a live-distributed comment CD, and a really early photoset of the band from their Jupiter Records days. I don't like 鉄条網 much, but I'm really excited to have that comment CD, simply because I didn't know it existed! Anyway, I really like brodiaea (after they joined UCP), and I still wish they'd stayed together longer. (Now I'm getting sad—it's a shame that Rayka's personality seems to be suddenly changing since forming REALies ;()


Lastly~ SyvaR...'s maxi-single. They are known for being ex-D'AIR, but I actually really liked them back when they were still active (2004, crazy!). SyvaR... stuff was really expensive for a while, but I guess no one cares about D'AIR anymore, because I was finally able to find this CD for a cheap price. At any rate, the music isn't mind-blowing like I remember it being, but it's still a good little single, and I'll cherish it for the nostalgia factor of it being one of my first indie vk bands.

Oh, and I got this J∀CK11 live-distributed(?) CD + signed cheki as a gift from Celga. I don't remember liking or disliking them very much, but they were a trader-darling for a little while back in the day, simply because they were one of those super-visual koteosa bands that suddenly started appearing (think early lolita23q). Anyway, I haven't listened to it yet, but it's nice to have because, hey, it's free!


Good day overall, although I haven't started studying for the important final exam that I'll have tomorrow |D I'll probably upload some of these things later, although I'm not sure where—maybe some stuff here, maybe brodiaea stuff at synside, definitely something at headacheshow. Well, we'll see~

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My tweets [Apr 20th]
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My tweets [Apr 19th]
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My tweets [Apr 18th]
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My tweets [Apr 17th]
  • Sat, 21:22: I have UNDER CODE news to post but am feeling lazy :( Someone do it for me ;O;
  • Sun, 01:26: http://bit.ly/fNQne2#CindyKate new single + new free oneman tour + etc. They are giving CINDYKATE PANTIES as a privilege!!
  • Sun, 01:29: #CindyKate sold 200 copies of SOUL ECSTASY through only 3 dates of their “let's sell 1000!” tour. Imagine if they'd played all 20 dates!
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My tweets [Apr 16th]
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My tweets [Apr 15th]
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My tweets [Apr 14th]
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My tweets [Apr 9th]
  • Fri, 21:43: RT @KISAKI_LIN: 本日開催!!Dali CD発売記念東‧阪主催イベント「アイマイマインドオーディトリアム」2011.4.09(土) ESAKA MUSE [出演] Dali(60分ステージ)/chariots/PERESTROIKA/ロットマン ※Daliで ...
  • Fri, 21:46: @dali_ren アイマイ want to go to today's #Dali event ☆ʓ☆~
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My tweets [Apr 8th]
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119: Sales post Ⅲ [Apr 3rd]
[ mood | stressed ]

Trying to make room for new stuff, care to help :D?!

  • Payments via PayPal (yamachi@gmail.com)
  • Shipping from USA, not included in price
  • Discounts, prices negotiable
  • Pictures available upon request
  • Comment here, PM me, or email me (yamachi@gmail.com) if interested

Lots of Matina, Soleil, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, etc.. Mostly CDs and DVDs, some demotapes and live distributed stuff. More to come in a future post.

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My tweets [Apr 3rd]
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My tweets [Apr 2nd]
  • Sat, 00:21: Ok UNDER CODE, you were supposed to announced new band details on April 1st. Better get on that!!
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My tweets [Apr 1st]
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