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121: Package Day

Package Day, yeah!

First, I bought a set of Arc live-distributed DVDs (from their month-long “hijacking” of HOLIDAY OSAKA back in February). Each DVD contains footage of the guys just... doing stuff. It's just stupid fun, but it's really entertaining (even for someone who doesn't know Japanese).

I always purchase Arc live-distributed stuff when I see it up at auction, even though they're not one of my “main bands.” I guess I just know that they are under-appreciated and that rips of these things will never show up on the internet. So yeah, even though these DVDs aren't very important because they don't contain unseen PVs or anything like that, I'm glad I bought them. (Weirdly, no one ever seems to sell Arc's live-distributed CDs... I would really love to get my hands on those, since many do have unreleased songs.)

Also in the picture is an old Megaromania distributed DVD, which was recorded at their last live with Leda, and then mailed out to attendees a few months later. It's got footage from the whole live, but digest clips instead of full songs. Of course I wish it had full songs, but I'm still happy to see this DVD after so long.


Next up, a little brodiaea set. It has their live-distributed [sample?] CD, a live-distributed comment CD, and a really early photoset of the band from their Jupiter Records days. I don't like 鉄条網 much, but I'm really excited to have that comment CD, simply because I didn't know it existed! Anyway, I really like brodiaea (after they joined UCP), and I still wish they'd stayed together longer. (Now I'm getting sad—it's a shame that Rayka's personality seems to be suddenly changing since forming REALies ;()


Lastly~ SyvaR...'s maxi-single. They are known for being ex-D'AIR, but I actually really liked them back when they were still active (2004, crazy!). SyvaR... stuff was really expensive for a while, but I guess no one cares about D'AIR anymore, because I was finally able to find this CD for a cheap price. At any rate, the music isn't mind-blowing like I remember it being, but it's still a good little single, and I'll cherish it for the nostalgia factor of it being one of my first indie vk bands.

Oh, and I got this J∀CK11 live-distributed(?) CD + signed cheki as a gift from Celga. I don't remember liking or disliking them very much, but they were a trader-darling for a little while back in the day, simply because they were one of those super-visual koteosa bands that suddenly started appearing (think early lolita23q). Anyway, I haven't listened to it yet, but it's nice to have because, hey, it's free!


Good day overall, although I haven't started studying for the important final exam that I'll have tomorrow |D I'll probably upload some of these things later, although I'm not sure where—maybe some stuff here, maybe brodiaea stuff at synside, definitely something at headacheshow. Well, we'll see~
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