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122: LOL

Uh, is it just me, or did this person blatantly steal my dali layout?

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hotlinking to boot
Yeah! Props though, for somehow figuring out how to steal the code and then modify it with their own crappy header image!
Wow that's blatant. Time to move your images to different spots and update your code to break the links.

It's kinda sad, your layout looks great but their header/background combined with your design is so horribly tacky.
My eyes see clashing colours. ((((((ノ゚⊿゚)ノ
Why should one put so much effort in stealing this when it looks much shitier with the header than a default layout would?

Oh and by the way.. somehow my android browser can't scroll in that layout. (both versions) Its NOT handicapped accessible.

I feel discriminated. ( ;∀;)
This is Arithmetica <3

Buuuuuuut wow, talk about a shitty header! Ugggghh it's so painful to look at.

I remember you said you worked really hard on this particular layout correct? Or at least LJ was giving you trouble with the CSS? Makes this theft even more shitty considering all the headaches you had to go through to make this one.
You asked this annyoing person why she did this?
I'd be interested in her answer XDD