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「疚 yama」: My name is John, and I am an 18 year old male. I'm a huge fan of V系; my favorite band is Dali, and my favorite record label is UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. I run various sites for both, of which I'm extremely proud. I enjoy webdesign and own a domain through which I express that enjoyment. I enjoy meeting new people, and am always willing to gain a new friend (so feel free to add me!).

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「世捨て人 inartistic」: With the exception of older posts, I leave this journal open to anyone who wishes to read it. I do ask for an add, though, from anyone who plans to read it regularly. I'm not great at always commenting, but I do read every post made on my friends page. This is the fourth layout, and it took about a day to complete. The only resources used were a self-made pattern and a self-scanned image of 旬奈 (Shunna, drummer of Dali).

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My tweets [Apr 1st]
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My tweets [Mar 31st]
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My tweets [Mar 30th]
  • Tue, 16:52: Oh God, KISAKI says #Dali's new PV is “artistic.” Shit PV imminent. (Love them though~)
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117: organize [Mar 15th]
A constant in my life (which I'm grateful for!) is that I have more vk items than I have space to store them in. At this point, I have a bookcase which could probably store everything in theory, but then the problem arises of how to efficiently store so many different media—from CDs and DVDs to VHSs and DTs, all the way to 8cm CDs, box sets, books, cheki, photos, and fliers.

So recently I've been thinking about how to I could best organize all these types of media, and I've found that many of my problems are addressed by ~archival storage~ special sites. So I'm going to do some window shopping in this post, wanna join? Behind a cut, just in case you're not interested in reading about my crazy~Collapse )

So TL;DR version, I want this CD box, this DT box, this VHS box, this binder, and these binder sheets. Alternatively, maybe I should just sell this shit so I don't have “problems” like this :D?

I realize I have issues~
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116: From around the world [Mar 7th]
[ mood | non ]

Boop boop, here's some stuff that I've been meaning to post about!

I received this from my dear friend Suke~ He had told me about some bear candies they have in France, and they sounded so cute that I asked him to send me some. And so he did! They are marshmallow bearcubs surrounded by chocolate, and as you can tell by the empty bag, they are delicious. As you can see by the illustration on the front, they are also cannibals--this cute guy is licking his lips while tearing apart his friend! I love it. Thanks Suke (chronicpuppet)!!

I got this in a mysterious package from the UK. Turns out that it was a present from jane_cutieh, from the Secret Santa thing that we did at under_code. According to her note, she was afraid that I had it already, but I didn't and was very happy to get it! 妃&関西貴族 (Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku) is awesome, and I've always wanted their [kapprecords] stuff. Plus, the one she bought me is the second press which comes with an exclusive karaoke disc!! I was extremely happy. Thanks jane_cutieh! (By the way, the first part of her present, which I received in January or so, is absolutely awesome. I'll have to post it here some time.)

Last, a package that I received today, this one actually purchased by myself. I randomly bought this giant set of photos at auction because it was cheap and mysterious. Now I have it on my desk and wow--it's around 400 photos! They're all seemingly taken by some girl at random lives, and to be honest, I have no idea what 90% of them are. But there are a couple with KISAKI, MIRAGE, Rémage, etc., and possibly one with MYV, which would be really cool. Also, it randomly includes a postcard from this Matina photoshoot that I love, in which KISAKI is in this angel-like white costume. So nothing mindblowing, but cool nonetheless :D. Now, how will I store them!?

By the way, that last package also came with the B type of that comment DVD that UNDER CODE distributed at its New Year live. So now I have the complete set, yay! The package was also supposed to come with that Kneuklid Romance history DVD, but Muku lost it or never received it, and just refunded me the cost. Boo.

sincerely yours, 12° degree shadow

Help [Feb 15th]
Does anyone happen to have a picture of Kneuklid Romance's history DVD?

Not their live DVD, but the DVD that was a present for buying all their revival stuff. If I recall correctly, it's just a single DVD (no case), brown background, gold text “Kneuklid Romance 1992~2000 HISTORY”

Basically I think Muku may have lost it + another item I bought through him, and he's asking for a picture of it so he can look for it. I know it'd be a pretty random picture for you to have, but just in case ;x
sincerely yours, 1° degree shadow

115: 2011 [Feb 4th]
[ mood | tired ]

Got my lucky bag today! Here's what I got:

Phantasmagoria - Vanish... 通常盤 (Tsuujouban)
Nega - Haunted Jealousy 通常盤 TYPE B (Tsuujouban TYPE B)
Arc - 「Lady」&「Gentleman」 TYPE B
シンディケイト (CindyKate) - メトロポリス TYPE A (METROPOLIS TYPE A)
Phantasmagoria - Seeds of Brain
平静維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) - Prism. A TYPE
Phantasmagoria - Diamond Dust
chariots - package 通常盤 (Tsuujouban)
Phantasmagoria - actuality TYPE A
Phantasmagoria - actuality TYPE B
12012 - PLAY DOLLs -A Type-
chariots - 凍てついた銃口 (Kootetsuita Juukou)

I'm pretty happy with everything! I'm most excited about the Arc single because it actually has a bonus track that I haven't heard before. Aside from that, I'm glad to own more CindyKate stuff, and it's always nice to get more Phantasmagoria (even if they did overdo it a little!). On the disappointing side, I got Haunted Jealousy TYPE C, which I already had, but Ev got TYPE B and was kind enough to trade me BD Oh, and of course I don't want the chariots stuff, but I've already managed to sell one of the CDs, so BD×2

As for special stuff, I got a few photographs, the 2011 calendar, 2011 new year cards, and a signed board from Megaromania, which I'll be giving to a friend. The dist release I got this time was the message DVD that UNDER CODE distributed at their New Year's countdown live. In a twist of luck, I'd just bought one copy at auction yesterday, so I was disappointed when I first saw the comment DVD in my bag, but then I realized that I'd purchased TYPE-B and this one was TYPE-A! So BD×3.

I also got that Lin special CD for buying two bags at once. It's called PERFECT LOVE ~Tribute by Lin~, and it's a cover of a song by 50TA. It's... pretty much what you'd expect from a song like that. Funny sounding, but surprisingly good, hahaha. I'm really happy to own it.

Soooo, overall, not much stuff that's new to me, but at least I got things that I like. And most importantly no 12012 second presses for me this time *O* (although Ev still got two lol).


sincerely yours, 7° degree shadow

Intro -in a trance play- [Jan 30th]
[ mood | happy ]

Comment here and add me if:
⋄ You have an interest in V系
⋄ All of your entries aren't depressing
⋄ You plan to keep in touch with me
⋄ And you're OK with the fact that many of my posts are about Dali/UCP
⋄ (Also, my entries are public, but I'd still like to be added)
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114: [Jan 10th]
(9:20:13 PM) E: oh shit
(9:20:19 PM) E: did you just read that
(9:20:25 PM) E: they are streaming from dali's live dude
(9:20:28 PM) E: check it out
(9:20:29 PM) E: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7_XUYXv8wk&feature=sub

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112: UNDER CODE [Jan 4th]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Let's see...

Synside's last single to be released on March 3rd, product number UCCD-281. Arc's last album to be released April 13th, product number UCCD-286. Megaromania and Lin singles, March 23rd and 30th. But both of those are two-type releases.

So, assuming UNDER CODE follows its usual naming convention, the Megaromania singles would be UCCD-282A and 282B (for example) and Lin's would be UCCD-283A and 283B (for example). So can we expect two as of yet unannounced releases (UCCD-284 and UCCD-285) between then?

I really hope so!

sincerely yours, 3° degree shadow

111: Lucky~ [Dec 16th]
[ mood | tired ]

Finally getting around to putting together the special presents that I promised under_code... And just as I'm about to print out the stationary to write letters on, my printer dies! (This is also after I've just gone to Walmart at 5 am to buy paper!)

Just my luck


Also, if you use Chrome, install this extension! If you use lots of tabs like me, you can sort of help out the world a bit BD


Also, UNDER CODE new year bags just announced! Special live + message DVDs too! But the catch: you have to send in an application for the DVD, and it's completely random. AKA won't be getting Dali's version! Grr

sincerely yours, 2° degree shadow

109: My heart shares your sorrow. [Nov 29th]
[ mood | amused ]

sincerely yours, 9° degree shadow

108: Present [Nov 27th]
[ mood | happy ]

I got this little present in the mail last week! (Just have been too busy to do anything with it.) It's Aigis' first maxi-single, ココロモヨウ, sent to me by my dear nhuie :D!

As for the single, it's kind of weird. It mostly sounds like Anjyu', which is a good thing, but it seems that the writing isn't quite as good. The instrumentals alone are good, and the vocals alone are good, but it seems like there was some confusion as to how to put them together. There are moments where they just don't match up; for example, the second song has several bits where the guitar ends with a high note, but the vocals go low/flat, making for a really odd moment. But aside from the arrangement issues, it's not bad; I think I'll support them from now on.

Along with the CD, nhuie sent me a little hand-made bonus present: some sticker versions of Dali fanart that her friend draws! (Well, I think it's a friend right? And sorry I don't remember the friend's name!) In the picture above, you can see the 旬奈 (Shunna) ones, but the other members were included as well. They're really cute, and I'm still debating on where I should put them~

So yeah, that's all! Thank you very very much nhuie :D!
sincerely yours, 4° degree shadow

106: Project [Nov 15th]
[ mood | melancholy ]

That project I mentioned last post? Here's version 0.5.

Lots of little changes since the previous version, but the noticeable ones are: can automatically parse Japanese in notes, entries are easily editable, can display additional track and note inputs as needed, etc.

Also had some fun working on the visual aspect of the form. That obviously hasn't extended to the display of entries below the form (btw, some info doesn't display in the entries, but that's only because I didn't tell it to).

To do: make submission page automatically redirect, make artist and label inputs autosuggest (halfway there!), fix large files error, fix tracklist/note update error, make pretty, make into an actual website, etc., etc.

sincerely yours, 0° degree shadow

105: A post about Dali stuff [Nov 12th]
[ mood | worried ]

So I got a very special package this week... two 月ノ破片 (Tsuki no Kakera) demotapes!!

Basically, I noticed that PureSound recently made listings for the demotapes, but said they were sold out. But I knew the pictures were new, so I went out on a limb and emailed them to ask if they tapes were actually in stock. And they said yes!

It was my first time ordering from PureSound, and they're a little nerve wracking. They ask that you email in Japanese, and they instead of PayPal, they use a Japanese service called NICOS which requires a credit card. (And this might just be me, but the payment took forever to clear with my bank.) But as far as shipping goes, they were great, and you just can't beat some of the items they have. So yeah, might use Muku next time, but it wasn't sooo bad.

Oh, also, while I was emailing PureSound, someone actually listed one tape on mbok, using the picture that PureSound posted! So I thought that person had purchased the tapes in order to resell them, and I was really bummed. Especially because of this: PureSound price = $5; mbok price = $200. Lol. But anyway, the auction was taken down and nothing happened; maybe the store put out a feeler auction to see if they could get a better price first??

The tapes are one track demos that were distributed at the monthly lives leading up to the release of their first CD. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there were other releases, grass thread says that these are the first things they released. So that's cool!

The second one, 眩暈 (Memai), I actually had long ago, thanks to a friend. But I lost it in the great HDD crash, and by then the friend had stopped talking to me because I didn't return the favor when he mailed me a lock of his hair. At any rate, the first one (chronologically), 一縷の絲 (Ichiru no Ito), was totally new to me!

And both are good, and it's awesome to hear early 苓 (Ren), and so on.


So aside from that: some Japanese girl on last.fm has the ロットマン (LOTMAN) distributed song + another distributed CD (presumably a comment track) :(((. I sent her a message asking to trade, but she hasn't responded, and I'm not sure she knows how to use last.fm anyway. I'm pretty desperate for at least rips of those, though, so I'm pretty bummed about it. Anyone speak Japanese and want to give it a try? She seems pretty active on twitter.

No doubt inspired by that fiasco, I actually had a dream the other night where I found an auction selling all of ロットマン's distributed DVDs and CDs and photos and things. ...found it 30 minutes after it had ended, and someone else had won it. I remember literally crying in my dream. I would never actually do that in reality, but man how sad hahahaha.


Still trying to find someone to pay to go to Dali's oneman so I can get that dist CD. It's really too bad that Nadzkun hates me now, 'cause I'm sure she would have in the past ;( Oh vell!



I put this together in the past week, sort of the result of a few months of toying around with different ideas. It's basically just a method for me to insert discography entries with a few nice features:

  • Japanese/romaji versions of titles are handled beautifully. Just type it in as “ペニス||PENIS” and it automatically separates the two, and from there can format them in any way. Hover over the red underlined text! (Btw, I'm aware much of the Jap shows as “???”; this is an error from putting it online, but I will fix that eventually.)
  • Scans can be uploaded as the discography entry is made, and they're automatically attached to the resulting post. I'll probably work out a way to do this for lyrics as well, sometime in the future.
  • Tracklistings/notes are handled as an array, so I could, for example, use some simple JavaScript to add infinite input boxes without doing any extra coding.
  • Artists (and eventually labels, etc.) are in their own table, so there's no chance of accidentally saying a release is from “Pnhatasmagoria”; also, I'll be able to make it so you get a list of suggested artists while typing, just to make it even more failsafe (I've already done this once and can easily implement it).
  • It can smartly handle inputs/lack of. For example, if an entry doesn't have any date info, the date is displayed “?”; if it has year only, it shows as “2003” but if it has year and month only, it shows up as “2003-10-??.” It's very flexible in that way!

There's no overarching purpose for this (as in, I'm not planning a specific site), it's just more of a longterm hobby project. But it's turning out pretty cool, at least in my opinion.

If any of you feel like it, feel free to play around and try adding your own ridiculous discography entries/scans/dick pics! Might at least help me find broken aspects that I never noticed~ (Oh, and all of this took a ridiculous amount of PHP work, which I'm new to, so that's why it's newsworthy for me.)
sincerely yours, 14° degree shadow

104: Request-san [Nov 4th]
[ mood | weird ]

Man, I forgot how satisfying an organized file share looked in SoulSeek. Truly soothing to the OCD soul! For those of you who didn't get into VK until after the SoulSeek age, you really missed out!

Anyway, request:
Can anyone upload Tsuki no Kakera's Chigiri release for me, please ;_;?

It's fairly common-ish, but not enough to be found through Google (and it's one of those things I lost in that disgusting HDD crash). So hopefully one of you has it and would be willing to share?

sincerely yours, 11° degree shadow

102: CDs yay! [Oct 23rd]
[ mood | happy ]

I got a little batch of CDs today!

  • Cu[be] - Velvet Berry
  • Cu[be] - 通販限定コメントCD [Velvet Berry]
  • Anjyu' - reflected eyes/片恋の終わる時
  • Anjyu' - reflected eyes/片恋の終わる時 コメントCD
  • リロード - LOST MIND

First up, Cu[be]'s Velvet Berry single. The packaging is a little above average; it really puts UNDER CODE's “ok, we'll save 5 cents by using pink ink instead of red!” tactics in perspective. Pretty amusing. Anyway, the single itself is good! They definitely improved, and I'm more looking forward to their UCP debut now. Also, they gave me a privilege comment CD for ordering~

Next, distributed CD from Anjyu'! They distributed it at 平成維新's last live, but the CD was apparently corrupted, so they set up an email for people to request replacements. I asked Muku to email them, but they never responded, so I just gave up and moved on. However! A few days ago, he emailed me and said that he'd received some CDs for me. Lo and behold, they'd actually sent me the CD plus a comment CD for the trouble. Only downside is that I don't have the original lyric sheet, but hey, I'm happy!

Lastly, Muku was stuck with some CD after someone decided to not pay him, so he emailed and said he'd just send it to me. So I had no idea what it was, but I was more than happy to take a surprise CD for no charge :D Anyway, it turned out to be LOST MIND by the Dear Dolce band リロード. I wasn't particularly interested in them prior, but the CD turned out to be decently good. Pleasant surprise~

I'm pretty happy overall; I more or less got four unexpected, good CDs, and the CD that I did expect turned out to be pretty good as well~ I'll probably post Cu[be] at under_code, and maybe the Anjyu' as well. And I think I'll just post リロード here, since I haven't heard of anyone requesting it at TW. Hm hm hm~
sincerely yours, 4° degree shadow

101: Dali [Oct 21st]
They debuted awesome new costumes, and KISAKI said that their next activities would be announced in October. It's near the end of October now, and the staff blog updates about Dali, and so I get excited, but the staff only blogged about some new live events. Oh well, it's staff; the release will be announced on the OHP in a few days for sure.

So now I check out Dali's page at the OHP, and they've uploaded a new flyer! As it loads, I'm following it with my eyes, watching it “go down,” aaaand... Nothing. There's no new release mentioned on the flyer. They forgot the new release? There's no new release?


It's weird for me, because I consider myself pretty level-headed as a fan. I don't obsess over cheki, I don't attack people who hate the band, I don't imagine relationships with or fall in love with the members. I may be a big fan, but I know where to draw the line, and the activity of a band is not going to affect my outside life or emotions.

That said, I have to admit, it honestly and genuinely pissed me off when I realized that there was no new release.

Dali used to average around six releases a year. But in 2009, they released one mini-album, and nothing else that was new. And now in 2010, they've released one pop single and won't be releasing anything else. From the Japanese perspective, it's different, because they can go to Dali lives and get distributed CDs and DVDs and t-shirts and goods, etc., etc. But from my perspective, Dali may as well have disbanded two years ago, 'cause they haven't done shit since then!


Like I said, level-headed; I'm not crying over it, or failing my classes because I'm “too distracted by the pain” or some shit. In an hour I won't even care. It's just annoying that I've been holding my breath for two years with absolutely no return.

P.S., I emailed UNDER CODE on the off chance they would let me buy a ticket and just ship the CD to me (dumb, I know, but worth a shot!). And of course the answer was no, but it's pretty awesome how good they've been about answering emails. I've asked them questions a few times, and every time they've responded, in English!
sincerely yours, 4° degree shadow

100: The Ⅵth Anniversary Retrospective [Oct 7th]
[ mood | happy ]

This is my 100th, post yay! I have been a member of LJ now for, collectively, at least over six years! That means I started when I was 15. Ridiculous!


Surprisingly, some people have friended me since the very beginning, when I went by yama___. Here're the top five, sorted by longest known:

Legacy Friends Top 5

  1. novemb3r
  2. ashkestral
  3. cultic
  4. varlet
  5. moecona


A lot of things have changed for me over these years of using LJ:
  • In Feb, 2005, I officially graduated to saying “visual kei” instead of “jrock”
  • Although I'd been buying カレン releases the whole time, I've finally come to genuinely like them a lot
  • I no longer own the SID fanlisting, lol

On the other hand, just as many things have stayed the same:
  • I still love Dali and シュガーフォークフル as much as I did in 2005
  • Playing Six Degrees of KISAKI at grass thread is still ridiculously fun
  • merrygoround is dead

Anyway, among the changes is that most everyone that I knew from very early on has fallen out of VK. (Which is understandable, as all fandoms are fleeting!) But there are a few who have been friends with me the whole time and who are still very much active in VK. So, based on time known and activity:

Visual Friends Top 5
  1. moecona
  2. cultic
  3. frozen_darkly
  4. rave_andou
  5. nekomeshi


Since creating inartistic, I was finally brave enough to start a few communities. I've owned three entirely by myself, but have come to own a handful more thanks to various friends and karasu dropping UNDER CODE. So let's see which journals are the most popular, based on number of unique visitors listed in My Guests in the past month:

Popular ☆'s Top 5
  1. under_code - 500 unique visitors/month
  2. inartistic - 120
  3. dali - 50
  4. heiseiishin - 40
  5. synside - 25


Of course, UNDER CODE is still my main scene, and I've gotten a handful of really good friends from it; some old, some new. Here are the current people that I've connected with largely over UNDER CODE. Based on a mixture of activity at communities and length of time known:

Chikasen Allstars! Top 5
  1. hush_narumi
  2. nhuie
  3. ivory_and_irony
  4. shinkouchou
  5. reita_camui


-Last Word- In celebration of my 100th post at this journal, I've decided on a special release!! This book collects all of my blog entries in the past six years, plus exclusive photos and commentary!! Those who preorder from my official web shop will also receive a special demo CD by Vier/le:Zel-「∀ЯK」!!

地下線+山太マラ基地 -EPISODE:1-
sincerely yours, 26° degree shadow

Ooooh my god [Oct 3rd]
[ mood | amused ]

So I'm watching a horror short about two girls who contact some spirits. There's a shot of them in the school, talking by one of their lockers, and who do I spy a picture of in said locker? Lolololols ensue.

Answer is in the tag if you're confused.

sincerely yours, 7° degree shadow

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