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143: Animals

Well damn!:

A bull selected and trained at great expense was tethered to the baiting ring (...) sometimes his own horns were cut off and the great horns of an ox were fastened to his head. The object of the game was for the dog to catch the bull by the nose and if possible make him roar.

Over the seven hundred years that it flourished in England, animal baiting and fighting underwent many refinements. Bear-baiting made for a diverting change—but a costly one owing to the scarcity of bears and the greater likelihood that the dogs would be killed. Other variations involved lions, monkeys, and horses. Some sports allowed the human audience to take part in tormenting the animals. In one variation a blinded bear was secured by a chain and whipped by a circle of five or six men. In another, a chicken was buried in the ground with only the head protruding, and human contestants attempted to knock the bird's head off with a well-aimed blow from a stick. As a French visitor commented in the lates 1600s, ‘Our neighbours the English like blood in their games.’


P.S., I find myself checking my friends page less since that big outage. LJ, why can't you get your act together ;_;?
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